June 30, 2008

2. Cubes and Spheres

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Void Radu


My drawing represents the evolution of a relationship between two people.


1. The best line

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Void Radu

FIRST POST!!! oh my… first post … okay, i missed that opportunity… well, first submission at least 😛

ooopsies… i don’t know how to insert the image i upploaded into the post 😛 it’s in the gallery but i don’t know how to put it here 😛 okay… together we figgured it out…

okay, now onto what i was thinking:

straight line -good but unimaginative
wiggly line – flawed but tried to be original
top line is the artist’s graphite: it has line thickness & pressure variation + texture


Void wants me to add something regarding my picture! Well….ummmm, I forgot what I wanted to say with it 😀

What’s all the comotion?

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So what’s this blog about? Don’t we have enough blogs?

Well, this is not exactly a blog. We are two guys that enjoy drawing but we realised it’s hard to fit drawing just for fun into the busy life. So we thought we’d set up a theme based drawing board, hoping it might just give us the small incentive we need to find the time to sketch something every now and then. The whole idea behind this board is just to have a constant supply of sketches, but without any pressure, so we don’t expect the drawings to be neither very polished nor very stylish.

The way this is going to work is that we will announce a theme, and then scribble something based on that theme.

Who we are: Void and Radu. Void is a professional artist, has been involved in lots and lots of projects, ranging from 3d programming to 3d and 2d visual art, to music. You can check his website at . I am a computer programmer that can barely hold a pencil, but that doesn’t stop me from trying 🙂 If you really want, you can check out my site at

That being said, I am proud to announce the first theme THE BEST LINE

Blog at