July 28, 2008

Next theme: The Burning Giraffe

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insert obscure Dali reference here 😛


11. Bright Future

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Void lon iXaarii

Void lon iXaarii


this was my original idea, then toyed with a huge huuuge room full of light bulbs and a person waiting to turn them on and that of a person hanging by the string of a huge light bulb, but decided to do the original idea after all, partly because i hoped it might surprise.

July 26, 2008

Next theme: Bright future

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Let’s be optimistic for our next theme!

10. Evil

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Void Radu

Yep. Peoplez who destory sand castles… shame shame on them!!! (though i can see the temptation if it’s abandoned… but NOT while the person is there, and especially NOT to upset them… that’s a lot of work there!). I was gonna go for a person with lots of candy and who doesn’t share and eats it meanly… but decided for this one.

July 25, 2008

Next theme: Evil

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I bet I know what Void’s gonna come up with for this one! 🙂

9. Infinite Hope & Despair

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Void Radu

not a Portal reference… at least not intentionally… though now that i think about it it could play out quite nice :)) The message i was meaning to send is: “so close and yet so far”

July 24, 2008

Next theme: infinite hope & despair [request]

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this is not actually the request… i have a feeling these were meant to be 3 seperate themes… but i just couldn’t help the temptation to merge them for something trully over the top of the top… of the top

8. Blank

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Void Radu

Void: I find it quite funny/ironic/weird… what people will buy… like say a blank canvas by some famous painter… a painting with 3 dots and a line… people are funny that way. I like funny peoplez!

July 15, 2008

Next theme: “Blank”

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now the question is… will we even bother to draw anything for this one? let’s hope we will … otherwise: white bear on white snow all the way :))

7. Kaboom

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Void Radu

Void: I keep remembering the alchemists’ guild from discworld: you know there’s one working if you see smoke and somebody running out of a building all burned but very excited :))

July 13, 2008

Next theme: Kaboom!

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Oh, goodness… Will we manage to come up with something original for this one?

Void: we are in serious shortage of themes… please shower us with wakky ideas for the next-next theme!

6. Ambition

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Void Radu

July 7, 2008

Next theme: Ambition

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand….. our next theme shall be………”Ambition”

05. The Silent Planet

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Void Radu


The Hand of Maleldil, Thulcandra, and the bent Oyarsa! (I am a huuuge fan of C.S. Lewis, Out of the silent planet is a great book

next theme: silent planet [request]

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our first by request theme 😀

July 5, 2008

4. Stick Figures in a Bar Fight

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Void Radu


My drawing is a tribute to John Grisham. Stick Powers is the slow police officer in Grisham’s A painted house, and he has to arrest Hank for using an iron bar in a fight 🙂 Told you we’re big on interpreting things! 😀

July 3, 2008

next theme: Stick Figures in a Bar Fight

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if you have proposals for themes please feel free to sugest them. Sooner or later we’ll find a system to have a repository for them (maybe even vote?). Feel free to sugest wild things. Off the top of my head some things I was thinking of sugesting:

“people made out of simple geometric shapes”, teddy bear, kaboooom!!!, “is it a tree? is it a person?”, lego city, elephant on a bycicle, “look! i’m flying!”

We’re not as much into “pretty/finished drawing” as into expressing concepts in a visual form… and yes, we do believe that it’s a very liberating feeling… and actually a very natural form of communication.

Radu says:
We also are big on interpreting the themes as freely as possible. So don’t be surprised if what we came up for a certain theme that seems obvious is not what you’d expect.

3. Sticks and Stones

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Void Radu

July 1, 2008

next theme: Sticks and Stones

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