October 13, 2009

Next theme: zombie love

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i looove zombies! they always conveniently slow creep towards you in large numbers providing endless amusement weather you’re playinga shooter, a rpg or a … whatever “plants vs zombies” is. And no, they’re not just for gamers: movie lovers… i love (good) zombie movies, be they slow, fast, mutants, … they provide not only obstacles for the heroes but most importantly fascinating subjects ofthought as to group dynamics…


41. For a friend

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Radu: I’ve tried drawing Belle from Beauty and the Beast for a friend of mine. Took me a whole lot! 🙂

Void: I was so very lost for a good idea on this one. was gonna go with a person stealing an extra slice of cake saing it’s “for a friend” but then this one popped into mind and i quite like it

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