January 27, 2010

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44. Virtual Memory

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Robot cartoon


I wanted to pay tribute to the game Heretic (strong memories there, and coupled with “The Dossadi experiment” book memories that i was then reading) but it was hard to catch it’s artistic atmosphere so I went with a more easily recognizable image from Hexen 2, it’s successor.

For those of you who are terribly unfamiliar with an android’s life cycle (which I just came up with), there are several stages:

  • Chiphood (this is a blissful time, when the robot is just a small bucket on wheels, trying to calibrate its balance, mindlessly wandering all over the lab, happily banging its head against all walls and drooling all over the floor)
  • Dronehood (ah, the happiest time in a robot’s life… it is the favourite toy of its human master)
  • Bothood (the toughest period, marked by massive changes in personality… Mood swings are to be expected!)
  • Droidhood (a more mature state, when the robot has come to terms with itself, loves & serves its master)

and a few others which I have already forgotten. All of a robot’s past memories can be saved to a mainframe and downloaded into a new body, should something happen to the old one (“svn up”, “svn ci” anyone? 😀 – inside joke)

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